Friday, August 26, 2016

[UPDATE] Cara Membuat Akun di Naver (Sign Up)

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It's been a long time ago since I do not posting any article in here. In this opportunity, probably I wanna keeping my promise about renew my post that have a links with Naver. I do not know either this is my lucky or basically the groove such a weird for me, because really, when all of you, my visitor, made a comments, and begged me how to fix this, and eventually I wanna help you guys. But, something bad happens, the website was not working, at that time. You musta underline the words AT THAT TIME.

Firstly, you can say I am a sluggish person, okay, I admit it. And I got my first comment, was at 5:45 AM, June 22, 2015. Meanwhile I make this post at 11:09AM, August 26, 2016. It is okay, if I am really super duper LATE. Hope this article can help you.

My 1st commentator said:

levia kiki a
kok aku gk bisa bikin ya? padahal udah berkali kali masukkan kode verifikasi tapi ttp gk mau. bisa bantu gak? setiap udah semua di isi, pas mau sign up malah keluar tulisan limited itu gimana ya? mohon bantuannya

My last commentator said:
gimana mahu bikin akuan nya. krna aku udah tampil nomber telifon nya kok no.code nya belum dihantar dan ga dapat sms nya. kenapa gitu yaa? bingung ah :(

She/he made her/his comment at 11:25 PM, July 13, 2016 .

I have a reason, and this is not a nonsense, I have important matters to do recently, I must to finished my rotate. OK? I have to memorize Quran, learn Arabic, and with a bundle of another stuff, so I have strict schedule everyday. I hope you can grasp me :")

Regarding this tutorial, there is no any alteration. It is still the same. So, I think if you have any error with this matter, sorry I can not help, bacause I dont find any problem on my own. It is mean, i can not recognize about the certain matter that you affected with.


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