Thursday, November 27, 2014

Contoh Report Text Tentang Hewan "Kuda Laut"

Hei... aku seding terlilit tugas, dan sekarang tugasnya bikin Report Text.. Biar multifunction, aku jadiin aja deh textnya sebagai artikel yang di publikasikan. Btw, sumber dari report text ini dari buku panduan Bahasa Inggris ku, jadi kalau mau copas, sertakan sumbernya ya? Jangan lupa di share :D


Seahorses are strange looking sea creatures with heads like horses. They are actually fish. They make they hormes in warm, shallow waters, where they live amongst sea plants.

Just like a fish, a seahorse has a skeleton, gilss, and fins. Unlike other fish, however, it doesn't have scales. Its body is covered with bony plates of amour. This heavy amour makes it hard for the seahorse to swim. It spends much of its time resting among the sea plants. When microscopic sea animals swim by, the seahorse quicly sucks them up with its long snout.

The eyes of seahorse don't look straight ahead like ours. A seahorse can look left one eye and look right with the other. This means it can look out for enemies with one eye and search for food with the other.

Seahorses are clever at camouflaging themselves. They come in many colours. They can be brown, red, yellow, green, black, grey, or white. They can also change they colours in the blink of an eye. This makes it hard for enemies like birds and crabs to see them.

The most unusual thing about seahorses though, is that male seahorses give birth! The male seahorses has a pouch below his belly. The female places 150 to 200 eggs in this pouch. The male when fertilise the eggs. He keeps them safe untill they become fully formed baby seahorses. Baby seahorses must look after themselves as soon as they are born.

In many pasrts of the world, seahorses face danger. Pollution destroys their homes. People in some Asian countries capture seahorses to make medicines. In North America, many people like to catch and keep seahorse in aquariums as pets. Nowadays, however, there are seahorses farms which help provide many of the seahorses for aquariums.

Let us hope that in future, humans will do more to protect this amazing little creatures. :)


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